Submitted by Aung San U on Tue, 10/13/2020 - 19:23

Clarification on Dictator Su Kyi Government ban my website activities on Myanmar

To: International Communities and All Myanmar Citizen

My Name is Aung San U. The eldest son of General Aung San, Father of the Nation of modern-day Myanmar.

After Facebook management team supported dictator Su Kyi Government forced to ban my Facebook account and was launched in 26 September. The following graphic show traffic that people around the world are supporting my website.


After Myanmar Citizens around the world start sharing the education articles wrote by me to their friends and communities. Dictator Su Kyi government issued an order letter to Telecom Operator, Internet Gateway and Internet Services Providers (ISP) in Myanmar to ban My website  in October 5 2020. The following is the issued letter in Myanmar;


It is a shame that in the letter Dictator Su Kyi government slander my website violate the rule and regulation under the cause of;

  1. Sex page
  2. Child pornography
  3. False news
  4. Sexual exploitation

Among all the Myanmar Broadband Internet Service Providers (ISP). Telenor Myanmar are the one starting to support Dictator Su Kyi government on undemocratic behavior. I would like to request Telenor international investors (Stock: TELNY (OTCMKTS), to look into this matter not to support undemocratic behavior of Su Kyi government.  

The following picture show ban by Telenor ISP



Telenor international investors (Stock: TELNY (OTCMKTS))

Ooredoo international investors

(Mytel) Viettel international investors

Please do not support undemocratic behavior of Su Kyi government. 


Aung San U


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