Submitted by Aung San U on Tue, 10/13/2020 - 19:24
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Clarification on Dictator Su Kyi Government ban my Facebook activities on Myanmar

To: International Communities and All Myanmar Citizen

My Name is Aung San U. The eldest son of General Aung San, Father of the Nation of modern-day Myanmar.

              Before I open my Facebook account I contact a few Media (include BBC Burma) for publishing my article, no one dared to help me publish articles because they were afraid of being punished by dictator Su Kyi Government. In 29 Feb 2020 Myanmar Ludu media published a video interview with me was warned by dictator Su Kyi Government not to publish again. After that I decided to open my own face book account for giving education with Myanmar Citizen.

1. My Facebook Page (Life with Values) Was register on 11 mar 2020. and was forced to ban by dictator Su Kyi Government.



2. In 20 Jul 2020 I send my officer ID card to Facebook for blue mask


3. 27 Jul 2020 My page followers


4. 31 Jul 2020 My page quality report and dictator Su Kyi Government and Facebook Management team ban my Facebook account.


5. 7 Aug 2020 Myanmar Government announced that My Facebook page “Life with Value” was forced to close due to false information.


Aung San U

Contact: +001-858-405-2911

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